Driving Simulator v2.0 Status Update

I've been working on a newer verison of Driving Simulator!

The game is currently using NWH Coding's Wheel Controller 3D.

This version is not yet released, but when it is I plan on having the following for the first prototype version:

  • Multiplayer basics (syncing way more than before)
  • Way better vehicle physics (Thanks to the new WheelController3D)

Features after the first public prototype release (JUST IDEAS!!! NOT SURE IF THEY'LL MAKE IT INTO THE GAME):

  • Get in/out of your vehicle and drive others around the map.
  • More vehicles
  • Buy an apartment and decorate it to your liking.
  • Economy/job system where you can deliver items and what not.
  • Go fishing/ice fishing/hunting.
  • Boats, planes?

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